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We meet the last Thursday of every month at 18.45 at Castletown Methodist Church, Castle View, Castletown, SR5 3DS.  Please either just drop in or contact me on the email address or mobile number first to let me know you are coming - please just come!!

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Contact Name: George Laws

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Upcoming Events

The Northumberland MCCs 4th Annual BBQ.

Event Date: 20/08/2026

For the last three years CMA Tyne & Wear have been asked to put on a Holy Joe's serving tea and coffee for the Northumberland MCCs BBQ. 

Image take by John B

The event attracts MCC from around the area and includes everything from Axe and knife throwing as well as weird sculptures, raffles, and games. This year there was a full-size HOG sculpture for the Harley Davidson owners. The Infidels MCC brought several models of trucks and diggers. Stocks were erected by the Lucky 7s for sponges to be thrown at selected individuals. They also brought horseshoe throwing. Hopefully they didn't get them mixed up. 

The event was well attended with a number arriving on bikes. Amongst the mayhem CMA offered coffee and tea from the gazebo. Tom and Glenys served customers as well as manning the Bible stand and giving out cards.  

Image taken by John B

Northumbria Blood Bikes weren't left out and brought a bike.

 The event was hosted by the Revenants MCC and a bucket for donations was available in Holy Joe's. All money went to the Northumberland MCs and MCCs charities.

Tom ready to serve coffee

The Chair Lady of the Twisted Sprockets was in attendance as well as the Vice Chairman of the Kindred Spirits. Other MCC groups also came to the event, such as the Red Devils MC and the Patriots MC.

It was a great day. Bikers prayed for, Biker Bibles taken, plenty of networking with free coffee and teas flowing, literally. People insisted on paying something which meant the bucket for donations raised just over £125 for the day's charities.

Not forgetting the great time together for CMA members Tim, Amanda, Paul, Ruth, Tom, Glenys and John.

Dave Makepeace, Chairman and founding member of the Revenant's MCC was there with his daughter Sam.

Our branch is so blessed to be invited to this MCC event with MC and MCC members attending from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and other areas.

Thank you Jesus for your blessings.

All images taken and article by Ruth Skelton unless otherwise shown. 

Past Events

Houghton Feast 2023

Event Date: 07/10/2023

Founded in the twelfth century, Houghton Feast is an ancient custom which was originally held at Michaelmas (29 September) as the local church is dedicated to St Michael; the Feast moved the date into early October, due to changes in the calendar centuries ago. The whole event lasts over 10 days with the main Festival Day on the first Saturday of the celebrations. The official opening ceremony takes place on the Friday evening, and all through the Feast there are fairground rides, community events and exhibitions. On Festival Day itself the main attractions are the Carnival Parade, which CMA take part in. Thousands of people line the route to watch us (and others) ride through the town centre showing everyone our crosses.

Oliver's Mount, The Gold Cup

Event Date: 23/09/2023 - 23/09/2024

Oliver’s Mount Gold Cup

With two days of racing ahead, our plan was to talk to people and explain that there is a God who can help them with the burdens they carry. Sounds easy but I never thought I would have the courage to be able to do this but… in God's strength not mine, so I set out with prayer and love in my heart. What could go wrong.

George and I were sitting listening to a live band, playing Americano music. As we sat, we noticed the people entering and leaving the tent. Most were wearing a variety of coats and jackets depicting previous events they had attended or motorcycle manufacturers they supported. This covered everything from Kawasaki shirts and caps to Ducati jackets and coats. Previous TT events were represented as well as Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week tee shirts from the more adventures. Each person bringing their history and allegiance with them, just like us with our Crosses on the back of our 'Cuts'. There was one chap dressed in a gold onesie, who seemed to be having a good time. Each to his own, that's what I say. Witnessing in the 'Biker World' I've seen a lot worse.

John, Jeff and Derek
John, Jeff and Derek

Three men in their 60's approached our table, looking hopeful. One of the group the eldest, about 65-70yrs, needed a seat. We found three seats and George introduced himself, shaking their hands. They reciprocated and we were introduced to John, Jeff and another bloke called Derek, who sat next to George. He said he enjoyed motocross racing whereas the other 2 men liked road and track racing.

I asked them if they rode themselves. John said he rode a 250 Suzuki. Once we all got chatting, I felt led to tell them about CMA.  I gave them all CMA cards and keyrings, which they all gratefully accepted. 'Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity.'

Lee and I sheltered from the rain in the café on the outside tables and chairs after managing to make our way down the vast number of steps from Quarry Hill to the Mere Hairpin and into the paddock. While Lee was in the queue, I noticed an elderly man waving at me. Eventually I went over and realised it was John who I had met in the events tent the previous night. Amazing! Of all the places to go, we managed to bump into each other again. Lee returned and I introduced him to John. Then Jeff and Derek walked past and joined us. We all chattered for several minutes then left as the rain had stopped, for now, to watch the racing.

Dave Walsh
Dave Walsh 777

As we walked past the competitor's gazebos, I noticed a bike with the number 777 on it. The bike was owned and ridden by Dave Walsh. As a conversation starter I asked him why the three sevens as a number. He told me he normally raced in Ireland as number seven but in England someone else had that number, so he put a seven either side giving him the number 777. I explained what 777 meant and what 666 meant, which he said he never knew.  I gave him and his crew CMA cards and keyrings and told him we would pray for a safe race, which he thanked us for.

As it started to rain again, we ducked into a gazebo in the sidecar paddock. After asking if we could come in, we got talking to two blokes and a woman, one of their wives, sitting around a large motorbike and sidecar. I gave them all CMA cards and keyrings after talking about their outfit and being shown how it operates. I said we'd pray for them to have a good and safe race. It shouldn't surprise me, but they were more than welcoming and accepted the gifts and offers of prayer. 

We bumped into Steve and Matty Ramsden and talked to them for a while, introducing them to Lee. We've given the Ramsden's CMA cards, keyrings and biker bibles before so thanked them and moved on. We were told 'The Preacher', Andy Haynes, had a gazebo at the end of the row so we stopped and spoke to him. He said he had a Biker Bible, so I gave him a CMA card and keyring for him and his sidecar partner. I said I'd pray for a good and safe race for them, and he thanked me. As I left, I noticed his knee slider, which racers who are in the 'chair' have on their bum, had a cross on it.

The Preacher', Andy Haynes
The Preacher', Andy Haynes


Dean Harrison on a Yamaha R6 600 won the Gold Cup, with Adam McLean coming in second. For me the biggest surprise was in the Classic Superbikes race. Dean Harrison won on a Ducati 916 but in the same race, in a different category, Dave Walsh on his number 777 Kramer 690 was overall third on the road, but second in the Super Mono class ahead of Republic of Ireland rider Derek Sheils on his 750 Suzuki. God was with him.

Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

Stormin the Castle Bike Rally and Custom Show

Event Date: 01/09/2023 - 03/09/2023

Stormin’ The Castle 2023

The premier bike rally for the North East of England is back for another year!

If you haven't been before get yourself a ticket and come along. You will enjoy a great weekend.
Lots of music and lots and lots of bikes and bikers.
The event is always very relaxed and friendly with camping included for the weekend.
Although it is preferred you turn up on a bike (and have your photo taken) you're welcome to hitchhike come by bus, train, shank's pony or car although car parking needs to be bought well in advance.
There are 3 camping fields, 2 band tents, traders and of course the bike show.
Come and join the 5000+ likeminded people in having a great weekend. 

Amongst that lot are the few Christians who work out of a large tent known as Holy Joe's. They sell everything from coffee, tea, award winning hot chocolate; hand out Bibles and cards to those that request them. Holy Joe's is also a sanctuary for people who wish to take a break from the outside world of noise, drink and total madness and address a different side of themselves in peace and quiet. Tyne & Wear have been helping out at Holy Joe's since 2014 and here are some of their encounters. 

Holy Joe's in action

Caz and Amanda - Amanda told me, (Caz) about Hannah, who had a stall and sold crystals. She said that she was not well and was being sick. I said I’d talk to her and leaving Holy Joe's headed for her tent/stall. I looked at her and asked if she was alright. She said ‘Err… yes.’ I asked if she was really alright. She said she was poorly, being sick and that she didn’t usually work the stall on her own but had done so this time. I immediately felt I had to pray for her, and I said, ‘Thank you Lord for Hannah. I pray that you will make her feel much better very soon, Amen.’ Then a customer came in to buy something, so I left.

I spoke to a man called Chris through the railings between the Marshals enclosure and the rest of the bikers. He asked for a hanky as he was upset. Got talking to him and he told me he lives in Scotland and his mate, also called Chris, had split up with his wife. He said he would normally keep the peace between them but couldn’t do anything as he was at Stormin’. I said I would pray for is friend and his wife, Tasha. Chris also said his own 2-year-old boy had fits for the first 6 months of his life. They found out he was allergic to milk products, so it’s been difficult. He’d come away for a lad’s weekend for a break. I said I would pray for his little boy.

Paula had been living with cancer for 15 years. Her partner was Ian. Paula breathes through a tracheostomy in her throat. She can’t speak but can sign a little. Luckily, I had taken a level 2 sign language course and replied to her in kind. It was one of those courses that you wonder why God led you to take it then something like this crops up.

I said I’d pray for them both. She signed her thanks and I sat with them and gave her a CMA card. I wrote ‘to Paula, praying for you, love Caz’ and gave her a card with the biker prayer on it. I offered her a biker Bible, which she gladly took. I explained about the testimonies in it and wrote, ‘praying for you’. I also gave her a wooden heart with ‘come to me and I will meet your needs’ written on it. She was very touched by these gifts. 

It was a totally God-inspired weekend. There were many opportunities to share Jesus, which was so unexpected yet expected. Our God is the God of miracles. I couldn’t work at my usual pace, due to having an operation on my eyes hence the wraparound sunglasses I wore when I was in the sun, but God gave me opportunities to take time out to speak to people about Jesus, even men in dresses. I wonder if they knew what each other was wearing in advance or was it a social faux pas? It was Stormin', who knows or cares? I liked the way he accessorised with the hat and pipe. Shows class.

Outrageous dress is not optional it's mandatory

Tom, the Tyne & Wear County Mountie and Mike the Trike – Mike the Trike certainly did a lot of miles this weekend. Everyone wants hot chocolate at 2 in the morning! You'd think it was cold or something! It must have been because I ran out several times. When I rode into Holy Joes there was Heidi waiting to refill the flasks, chocolate, tea and coffee. It was a bit like a formula 1 race. I was expecting my wheels to be changed and my visor cleaned. What a difference it made having someone there to help. A quick turnaround, thanks so much to Heidi and I could be on my way. As I looked on at those serving I realised that everyone was helping each other. It was one of the best rallies I’ve been to and at my age there have been a few. 

The Canadian Mountie motto is 'Maintiens le Droit' or 'uphold or maintain the right'. This didn't seem to apply but the unofficial motto 'they always get their man', seemed more appropriate as each person worked tirelessly to help God get His Man/Woman. This spurred me on as I hurtled through the night avoiding tent ropes, bikes and the odd sleeping person who hadn't made it back to their tent or couldn't find it and gave up, to get to my Marshal with a hot drink.

The Tyne & Wear County Mountie and Mike the Trike

Heidi - What an amazing God who led us to folk to share with and listen to. He draws these dear folk to Himself. Praying for seeds sown to become fruit in His way and in His time. Great rally with light in the midst of darkness. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

George and my 5D Cannon – I feel I need to thank God for giving me the opportunity to tell Billy, one of the Scotsmen that I photographed and seem to have developed a friendship with, that I would pray for him and his daughter’s health. To my astonishment, instead of saying something derogatory he thanked me. This is the power of the Holy Spirit.

As a photographer I bumped into a couple who were dressed as American Indians. They had been at Storman’ dressed similarly for the past 3 years and I remember taking their photos. They were kind enough to give me their email address, so I sent them the 3 images I took the previous years.

The American Indians, 3 years in a row.

Caz was admiring some of the worst shirts I had ever seen thinly designed like Hawaiian shirts and only £10. Who would have thought they would have been that cheap? As she was laughing at the colours four men, slightly worse for drink, immediately bought one each. I had to take a photo. It would have been rude not to. The funny thing was they spent about 10 minutes trying to get the balance of the same colour on each side.   

The Hawaiian shirt is not dead, but it is ill somewhere.

John B, (The man who bravely organised the staffing of Holy Joe's. No mean feet.) It’s been a great weekend made possible by all of you playing your part. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING UP YOUR TIME, MONEY AN LOVE. ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord’ (my words, 'You did.) ‘From the house of the Lord we bless you.’ (My words –' I do') Psalms 118:26.

Heart 'n' Soul Rally 2023

Event Date: 03/08/2023 - 06/08/2023

The Harley Davison Owners Group are holding their HOG Rally on the 3rd of August at Percy Park RFC, The Club House, Preston Ave, North Shields NE30 2BN. They have fabulous bikes, great local bands, ride-outs, two special events and a great time guaranteed. 

CMA are providing the Holy Joe's tent which serves coffee, tea and award winning chocolate, as well as offering a place to sit and rest, away from the madness.

This year it rained constantly but that didn't seem to put riders off. The Harleys came out and supported the event and we where there to offer a warm drink and a place to sit and talk.

We where on hand in case anyone came off.
One of the stewards braving the weather
The boys... and ladies are back in town.

'Look Ken, a Harley.'
Anyone could take part in the ride out.

Oliver's Mount Racing

Event Date: 22/07/2023 - 23/07/2023

Oliver's Mount is an area of high ground overlooking Scarborough North Yorkshire. It offers views over the town, a tribute monument to the war dead. 

Oliver's Mount first held a motorcycle race in 1946, and continues to hold motorcycle circuit racing today, and also holds car rally and car hill-climb events. How close to the action do you want to be?

CMA (Caz and Paul) will be there handing out Prayer Cards and Biker Bibles to all who  need them. Even to those that didn't know they needed them. Everyone is welcome.   

Barry Sheene Classic | Olivers Mount Racing

Event Date: 22/07/2023 - 23/07/2023

The Barry Sheene Classic meeting brings together a great mix of classic and modern bikes, sidecars and riders.

I went as a photographer and Caz wore her cross and talked to anyone and everyone she could, despite the rain.

By Caz Laws

I wore my CMA rain jacket with my CMA waistcoat on top. The rain didn't know what it wanted to do but I knew what I had to do. With my pockets filled with two CMA travel mugs and two bananas we set off round the paddock. There was a female rider I wanted to talk to Lissy Whitmore, number 34, The Purple Princess. With a name like that I had to meet her. 

I spoke quite openly to her and she was forthcoming with a variety of insight and knowledge on bike racing. Her goal is to be a BSB rider but at 18 her father feels she is not ready.

I gave her a card and a heart saying 'Peace', with a diamond on, and Philippians 4 v 6-7 on the back. I also gave her a key ring with a tiny slip of paper in the baggie attached saying, 'The diamond on the back symbolizes how precious YOU are to God'. 

Meanwhile George took some photos.

Lissy Whitmore, number 34
Lissy Whitmore, and Caz

Walking along the length of the paddock I prayed for the rider's safety and asked God who he wanted me to speak to. I spoke to a woman called Sam and gave her a heart and keyring. She told me her husband was a rider and was in the paddock ready to go. She was very pleased and thanked me so much for the CMA items. Steve, her husband also thanked me. I said I would pray for his safety. 

Motorbikes and sidecars have always interested me and as I walked through the sidecar paddock I stopped at Steve and Matty Ramsden's outfit. He thanked me when I told him I would pray for their safety and wrote 'Stay safe' on the back of a CMA card.

Steve and Matty Ramsden's outfit
Steve and Matty Ramsden's outfit

There was another sidecar team both man and woman. The woman was called Sarah Stokoe. Their No, 96. She used to be in the chair with Maria Costello at the TT. I spoke to the woman and gave her a heart and card as well. I said I'd pray for their safety  and wrote 'Stay safe' on the back of the CMA card. I also managed to give out a prayer card to other sidecar riders and their passengers. 

Despite the rain it was a busy weekend.

Sidecar team
Sarah Stokoe in the chair

Easter Egg Run Durham

Event Date: 09/04/2023

A fantastic roar filled the Easter skies as bikers set off on an annual charity run.

Meeting at  Tesco Extra (Dragons Ln, Durham) hundreds of bikers roar into action for a charity convoy dropping off money and Easter Eggs to local hospitals.  Some of the bikers wore Easter bunny bike helmets. Others had their bikes decorated for the spectacular start to the ride.

CMA were there amidst the crowd.

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