Christian Motorcycling Association


CMA (UK) Leadership and Organisation

How is CMA UK organised?

The structure and governance of CMA UK have evolved over 40 years with one primary aim in mind – to be effective in achieving God’s purpose for CMA.  This purpose is often described as 'changing the world one heart at a time', focused on the motorcycling community of which we are all a part.

Since CMA UK became a Charity in April 2000 (Registered Charity no 1080911), its purpose has been described in two ‘charitable objects’:

     • To propagate the Christian Gospel;

     • To provide teaching for motorcyclists and others in the Christian Faith as revealed by the Bible.

    CMA has a central leadership team comprising a National Chairman, Charity Trustees and a National Executive.  The members and supporters of CMA are spread out across the whole of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and formed into local branches.  Each branch has a Chairman/woman, with its own local leadership overseeing members and activities in their area.

    CMA UK is funded entirely by membership fees and donations.

    CMA UK partners with and actively supports Open Doors and World Horizons.  We have produced and give away a ‘Biker Bible’ (New testament with testimonies from some of our members) which we produced in conjunction with the Bible Society.  Click here to view information on our Mission Partners.


    Branches are the main way CMA works to follow God’s purpose for CMA UK so that these aims can be achieved as effectively as possible at a local and national level. The responsibilities of a Branch Chairman include the spiritual leadership of the branch, and ensuring it is run to achieve the ‘charitable objects’ through developing a strategic vision on how best to share the Gospel with local bikers, organise the branch and support the work of CMA UK nationally.

    Branches are supported by two national level governance bodies – the National Executive and the Trustees, as well as by other specialist national posts, such as Fast Track Prayer Coordinator, Membership Secretary, Chainlink Magazine Editor and Merchandise Officers.

    Click here to view Branches. Click here to view recent editions of Chainlink

    National Chairman

    Our National Chairman provides overall spiritual leadership, development, strategy and oversight of CMA UK.  He is the only full-time paid member of CMA and works closely with the National Executive, Trustees and Branch Chairmen.  He also represents CMA UK with CMA International and liaises with other biker missions to motorcyclists throughout Europe via the ‘European Motorcyclists for Christ' grouping.

    The National Chairman chairs meetings of the National Executive but has no voting privileges.

    Click here for information on our National Chairman.

    National Executive

    The National Executive members are called by God to help lead this ministry in accordance with the vision.  In summary, the work of the National Executive supports Branches in serving their motorcycle community and sharing the Gospel within it.

    Members of the National Executive are elected at Annual General Meetings to a national post through which they seek to serve God and everyone in CMA UK.

    As well as working with the National Chairman on overall leadership topics, development, strategy and the oversight of CMA UK, the National Executive also carries out a range of tasks that are best done once on behalf of CMA UK, rather than at the branch level.  The National Executive is supported by a number of National Officers with expertise on certain topics e.g. Data Protection or calls to serve the members in a particular way e.g. Merchandise.  The National Executive also provides direct support to Branch officials as needed.

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    CMA UK Trustees are a self-appointed body, separate from the National Executive.  Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the charity has a clear strategy, and that its work and goals are in line with its vision.  The Charity Commission for England & Wales summarises the Trustee role as being the charity’s 'guardians of purpose', which in our case involves making sure that decisions are focused on the needs of those we are seeking to share the Gospel with.

    The Trustees provide independent oversight of the work of the National Executive, to which the Trustees have delegated the operational management of CMA UK.

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