Christian Motorcycling Association




Membership is open to Christians who have an ongoing relationship with God and who agree to the Association's constitution and rules. Those interested in becoming either a supporter or member should make contact with their local branch and obtain an application form from the Branch Chairman.


Supporter is for those who support the work of the CMA but feel they cannot give full commitment. For some individuals and groups this may be just through prayer and/or financial support.

Supporter costs £30 for an individual, or £50 for a couple.


Members are those who take a more active part in the CMA at local or national level and feel that the CMA is a major part of God's calling in their lives. We have found that supporters often feel led to take up membership as they get more involved with the work of CMA and feel ready to take on a greater responsibility.

Anyone wishing to apply to become a full member of CMA should approach his/her Branch Chairman in the first instance.

Membership costs £40 for an individual, or £50 for a couple.

Supporting Churches

Churches may also support the CMA to support our work, and will receive copies of our magazine and prayer letter.

Supporting Church membership costs £20 per annum.

If your Church wishes to support us, use this form: CMA UK Church Affiliation Form Sept 2018