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About CMA (UK)

About CMA (UK)

The Christian Motorcyclists Association UK [CMA (UK)] is part of CMA’s International Ministry Agreement to Reach the world, 'One Heart at a Time', bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to motorcyclists worldwide.

(See also our History page)

This section of the Website gives details of our Our Vision and Mission and how we operate in the UK.

CMA UK has a leadership team and a structure of Branches throughout the United Kingdom. CMA UK Leadership and Organisation gives more details.

CMA UK is open to motorcyclists who are Christians from all kinds of backgrounds – Members' Stories tells you about a few.

The pages in this section of the website explain about Membership and how to get involved.

CMA is a mission organisation, not a church, although we expect our members to be in attendance and supported by their local church family.

Recent copies of CMA’s quarterly magazine, Chainlink are available on the website, together with news bulletins from our National Chairman (Mike's Travels) .

The Downloads page gives access to copies of CMA’s data protection and safeguarding policies and a number of other documents.

CMA UK has established long term relationships with our Mission Partners and with Bikers Church UK