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European Motorcyclists for Christ Rally: 31st July - 4th August 2024 - Germany

02 October 2022

European Motorcyclists for Christ (EMC) 2024 is being hosted by CMS (Christian Motorcyclists of Saxony Association) at Hüttstattmühle in South East Germany, in the region of the Ore Mountains, some 20 km from the border with the Czech Republic and 150 km from the border with Poland, so the location truly is in the very heart of Europe.

The region is the ‘Erzgebirge”, which is the Christmas Land of Germany.

Accommodation provided will be 4 or 6 bed cabins; there is also a large camping field, without mains electricity, although there will be mobile phone charging stations provided. There is a small swimming pool nearby, useful for cooling off after the daily ride outs.

Events will take place in large marquees.

The booking form is on the following link:

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