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Bike shows and rallies are a great opportunity to chat to other bikers, to talk about the Christian faith, to maybe offer a Biker Bible, even share a little of your testimony...

...and then to invite them to a church!

But which one?  Your church?  Another in the area?  Would they feel comfortable?  (...and that’s not a reference to the pews!)  Would they be welcomed?

They will be welcome at Bikers Church.

Bikers Church is a church for bikers, because it is led by bikers.  (Non-bikers are also welcomed!)  It can be casual and loud, or serious and challenging.  The aim is to disciple people to be followers of Jesus.

Bikers Church began in 2010 in Rixton near Warrington.  There is an official structure with elders, secretary and treasurer.  It is definitely not traditional!  It is independent, yet associated with CMA.  The hope is that eventually this model of Bikers Church will spread throughout the UK.

Mission Statement:

“Bikers Church exists primarily, but not exclusively, for bikers, their families and communities.  By placing bikers at the heart of all we do, we are able to present JESUS Christ as LORD and Saviour amongst those who have, like us, found great personal fulfilment on two wheels and take pleasure in the fellowship of other motorcyclists.”

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