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Mike's Travels

Mike's Travels

These are listed in order and updated as they developed.

I wrote my article for the Winter edition of Chainlink reflecting on a stormy ride we once took through Glen Coe. I’m very impressed with the work John Hodge does as Chainlink Editor, he has truly taken it to another level. The section for younger readers has been well received and needs to be shared beyond branch level. Please can we encourage members to contribute to these pages and help to impact a younger generation.

I have met with numerous branches on Zoom, some have been prayer based, some training needs. I enjoy bringing a Word of encouragement and spending time in fellowship. We all need time to share our hearts and laugh together – sadly some members spend their day completely alone. At the northeast Branch meeting everyone was asked to share funny mishaps we have had riding bikes, as expected they were hilarious.

I regularly attend the CMA morning Prayer Zoom meetings, they are a great encouragement and create structure to our day, we have seen God’s Grace poured out in a variety of ways. I would like to see this continue after Covid restrictions come to an end.

Les, Rob, Dave and I have been meeting with the new Lenchwood management on Zoom to discuss the National Rally.

I keep in regular contact with Dan Gower from Open Doors, I received an invitation to join the 2021 Zoom launch of the Open Doors World Watch List at the Houses of Parliament, it is a record of fifty countries that persecute Christians and lists them in order of severity. The stories shared are heart breaking but remind us of the depth of faith the persecuted church lives out on a daily basis. We have so much to learn from their example.

I continue to be in contact with the hosts of the 2021 EMC Rally due to be held in June in Norway, their borders are currently closed for the foreseeable future. It is anticipated that the rally will continue as the Holy Riders Annual Pilgrim Rally and only be available to those living in Norway, but we await confirmation in the near future.

The European Motorcyclists rally for Christ (EMC Rally) 2022 will take place in Belgium between 4th-7th August, the venue can be seen by clicking on the following link, booking is not possible at present, I shall circulate details when I received them.

16th January I led the Northeast Regional Day presented on Zoom – we had an excellent turnout with members from the Northeast, Tyne and Wear, West Yorkshire and East Yorkshire branches. We looked at ‘Finding Jesus amongst lockdown’ and discussed ways to increase the membership under the age of 40yrs

I have been corresponding with those in CMA who have suffered bereavement or are fighting a variety of illnesses, particularly the families of Little John, Roy Burtonwood and Malcolm Godbeer. My prayer is that they will find comfort knowing that we care, CMA is a big family and although we rejoice that they have gone to Heaven, they will be truly missed.

I had a Zoom meeting with Joel Aston from World Horizons, whilst on the mission field in Venezuela CMA UK provided his team with an outboard motor to access jungle villages that would be impossible by a motorcycle. He has put together a Pioneer Initiative to train missionaries who want to work in isolated locations around the world. The training would be in practical skills, building, mechanics, water filtration, navigation, subsistence gardening etc / living off the grid. He would like to invite members of CMA with mechanic skills to teach the team basic maintenance of mopeds or small off road style motorcycles. CMA’s donations to World Horizons will help to provide mopeds to enable the teams to connect with outlying people groups. Joel is sending me a DVD and materials to promote the initiative within CMA and on our website, I’ve asked him to prepare an article for Chainlink.

On a personal note, I’ve had an appointment to see a surgeon on the 24th February with a view to having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand, it’s been a problem for a couple of years and needs sorting out. After 30 mins on the bike my fingers go numb and my wrist is very painful. Thankfully our BMW has cruise control which is very helpful.

I have continued to meet with branches via the Zoom platform – I know we are all desperate to meet in person (that day WILL come) but Zoom still remains the best option. It’s a shame that there are still one or two members who refuse to connect with their branch on Zoom, and presumably they take the same stance with their church media options. It is easy to become isolated during Covid and perhaps much harder to reconnect when the new normal presents itself. We need to be vigilant that the isolated members receive support and that we don’t assume all will be well after the 17th May.

I have continued to meet with the morning Zoom Prayer meeting as often as possible each week from Monday to Friday, it is a great discipline and brings structure to our days. It is so encouraging to know that each day CMA’s intercessors dedicate themselves to pray as Mickey shares the prayer needs via WhatsApp. The only way the ministry will grow is through a bedrock of prayer. Billy GRAHAM knew the power of prayer.

He repeatedly said “There are three secrets to my ministry. The first is prayer; the second is prayer; and the third is prayer.”

I continue to work with Joel Aston from World Horizons – the article he submitted for Chainlink was well received. You will recall that after his experience on the mission field in the Amazon he has instigated a programme to train WH’s new missionaries with practical skills, many will be living off grid and have to fend for themselves. He asked if CMA members could give tuition in motorcycle maintenance and bike servicing. Many of the missionaries will ride bikes that CMA have sponsored and won’t have access to local garages. I put out a call for volunteers and received an excellent response, Joel is in the process of organising training days which will be held at their WH base in Llanelli. He has invited me to meet the missionaries in training and share my heart on mission.

Sadly, there have been quite a few ex-members of CMA who have passed away in recent months and Rose the wife of ex-President Andy Clarke. I always write to their families to express our condolences on behalf of CMA. Had circumstances allowed I would normally attend their funeral.

We were informed that the European Motorcyclists for Christ Rally (EMC) due to be held in Norway (June) would be restricted to those living in Norway. It was fully expected but still disappointing.

The EMC Rally 2022 is to be held in Belgium, the dates and details will be circulated when they are confirmed. The venues website can be accessed via this link

On 16th March I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery, my wrist has healed well, I can ride again without experiencing numbness or pain. At some stage in the future, I shall be having the same surgery on my left hand.

On 22nd May I am attending Oliver’s Mount Spring Cup Road Racing at Scarborough to investigate the possibility of reinstating a CMA promotional / outreach tent at race meets. It was previously manned by three of the NE Regional branches.

The NE Branch is working towards forming a Twig on the ’North Yorkshire Moors’.

The NYM Twig would be overseen by the NE Branch and memberships signed off by Gary Humphries the Chairman, and the NE Vice Chairman Paul Wedgwood. There are approximately 10 members / new supporters that are interested in being involved. The area incorporates Whitby, Scarborough, Helmsley, Pickering, Malton, there are many biker gatherings at cafes etc. Helmsley is the location of the Farmyard Party Rally. Whitby has a British Motocross Race Circuit which we haven’t impacted yet. Scarborough has Oliver’s Mount Road Racing Circuit with normally four meets a year. Being a tourist area, thousands of bikers visit throughout the year. Our church ‘Whitby Christian Fellowship’ is taking on a large church building in the town, it has been offered to the NE Branch as a base for meetings

I am planning to record a new DVD clip / promotion for the CMA website

I have a monthly CMA European Leaders meeting on Zoom – this is led by Holly Ogden from the CMA International Office in the USA. It is a very positive time and provides opportunity for leaders to discuss issues and pray for one another.

I am planning a fellowship camping weekend in North Yorkshire for the NE Branch on the 23rd-25th July in lieu of the cancelled National Rally, we expect approximately 25 to attend. Sandy and I regularly preach at a local Free Methodist Chapel, the leaders run a sheep farm which has a campsite that we can use. I am encouraging other branches to arrange something of their own, even if it takes the form of a day event.

The weekend of the 16th-18th July Suffolk and Essex branches are having their fellowship camping weekend at Sizewell Christian Centre, Suffolk - I have been invited to attend and bring a Word of encouragement.

I have been invited to speak to the men’s group at Bethany Christian Centre at Houghton Le Spring on Saturday 12th June – my subject is ‘Mission and the ministry of CMA’. Bethany is the base for the Tyne and Wear Branch.

Sandy and I have been invited to speak again at the Spring Harvest ‘Bikers Week’ at their French Holiday Centre ‘Le Pas Opton’ 20th-27th September 2021. We have informed SH that we will only attend if it is safe to do so – watch this space!

I am planning to lead the team at the MAG ‘Stormin the Castle’ Rally 2nd-5th September 2021. As usual we are hoping the event will happen and will plan accordingly.

I am booked to attend the Bristol Branch ‘Len’s Run’ Weekend at Dolan Afon near Aberystwyth. It is a positive event for me, drawing members from a number of branches around the country.