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What's coming up in 2020

Published: 08/05/2019 - north-east


All branch meetings and rideouts cancelled for the foreseeable future.


A summary of what's coming up in 2020 below. 'Click' on the Events tab for more information.


18th Regional meeting at Boston Spa

20th Branch meeting


  3rd Branch meeting AGM (weather permitting)

14th-16th Peat Rigg Fellowship weekend

17th Branch meeting


3rd Branch meeting at Billingham

7th Scottish Bike Show

18th Branch meeting at Whitby


7th Branch Meeting

14th Spring Harvest Skegness

17-19th AGM

27th Rideout 10.15 start Birkbrow car park to Scarborough. Paul leading


1st -3rd Into the Valley

5th Branch meeting

18th Rideout 10.15 start A19 Excelby Services Jan’s cafe to Squires, Colin leading

26th BBQ UK CMA 20 years since we became a charity (CMA UK began in 1983)


2nd Branch Meeting

19-21st Farmyard

29th 10.15 start Birkbrow car park to Seaways café Fridaythorpe. Paul leading


4-5th National road Rally

7th Branch meeting

16-19th National Rally

27th Rideout 10.15 start A19 southbound Excelby Services Jan’s café to Wensleydale Cheese Factory. Rob leading

30th – 2nd EMC Sweden


31 July-2nd Yorkshire Pudding

15-17th Whitby Regatta


1st Branch Meeting

4-6th Stormin 30th Aniversary

28th Rideout 10.15 start A19 southbound Excelby services Jan’s café. A mystery ride.


6th Branch Meeting

19th Rideout A19 Southbound Excelby Services Jan’s Café to Bridlington. Dai leading


3rd Branch Meeting

13-14th XL Mens Conference


7th Christmas Meal


16th Jan North East Regional Boston Spa.

24-27th June EMC Norway

22-24th October CMA Ladies Conference