Christian Motorcycling Association

Mike’s Travels February – October 2023

24th-26th February - we shared our Annual Executive and Trustees envisioning weekend at the World Horizon Mission base in Llanelli. A very successful time together, I felt very encouraged for the future.

3rd-5th March – Southwest Regional Day – a wonderful turn out from neighbouring branches – Bristol, Devon and Cornwall, Gloucester, HAND.

11th March - Brigg Methodist Church meeting with the new South Yorkshire / North Lincolnshire Branch, good to meet several new members and to bring an encouraging Word and give advice for their future. I’m excited to see how they impact their local area.

18th March – Northwest Regional Day based at St Martin’s Methodist Church, Warrington. A very good turnout and again a chance to meet new members. I gave a Word to open the meeting and led a seminar.

23rd March – Had a day with Adam at Horncastle, Lincolnshire, looking at ways to improve my laptop and phone.

24th-26th March – Sandy and I travelled to Essex to present a day’s evangelism training to Essex & Suffolk Branch, together with Cornerstone Church, Colchester. An excellent event with lots of cake and great feedback.

28th March – I began meeting with a potential PA Jemima, but sadly a few days later she decided to step down. I’m glad that she was able to admit that her life was too busy, better now than trying to make it happen later.

12th April – I met with Howie Pickering President Long Riders in Derbyshire for lunch, it is always an encouragement to see Howie.

12th April – On the way home I met with Dan Gower in Chesterfield, Dan is CMA’s Open Doors contact. It gave us an opportunity to discuss up and coming events, plus his involvement at our National Rally in July.

20th-23rd April – The CMA National Fellowship and AGM weekend took place at the Windmill Christian Centre, in Abroath. Our whole weekend was a great blessing, it’s always good to see the family of CMA gather and celebrate the passion we have for the biking community. The singing during our Sunday morning service was incredibly LOUD, I loved every minute of it and I’m sure Heaven was rejoicing.

29th April – 2nd May – I assisted Steve Parker with the Isle of Man Branch Bank Holiday Ramsey Bike Show, its draws over 300 bikers to the event. I know a lot of people on the IOM, and it was good to get alongside them again. Steve arranged for me to preach at the Onchan Elim Church.

8th May - I took some time off to rest and spend time with God. Toward the end of the week, I was walking on our local beach and had a nasty fall on some slippy rocks. I fractured my left wrist, two lower vertebrae and damaged my right shoulder. At the time I didn’t realise how bad it was, but after four months my wrist and back appear to be healed. My right shoulder still causes me a lot of pain, thankfully not when I ride the bike or drive.

10th-15th May – I attended the Northwest 200 Road Races, working closely with the Northern Ireland Branch and Billy a local Baptist Pastor. Billy and his wife kindly give me a room for my time at the races, he has a display in his church of racing memorabilia and road racing motorcycles. He invited me to preach in his church on Sunday, the day after the racing finished. The congregation were very encouraging as they responded to God’s blessing. Billy introduces me to many of the locals, it’s such a blessing to know him.

20th May – We took part in a fundraising event for the Northeast air ambulance. Sadly, after a couple of hours we were washed out by a very heavy rainstorm, we plan to repeat the day next year.

27th May – 8th June – I attended the Isle of Man TT Road Races,

Once again, I was invited to take lessons at a Christian Primary School in Ramsey. I preached on Mad Sunday at the Onchan Methodist Church and shared the gospel with Bikers around the circuit.

14th-17th June – I led the CMA Holy Joes Team at the Farmyard Party Rally at Helmsley, North Yorkshire. The Rally went incredibly well and the organiser’s appreciated CMA on site.

20th June – Lunch meeting, Hull.

21st- 27th June – The Holy Riders Christian Motorcycle Club in Norway invited me to be their speaker at the Pilgrimstrasse Rally, seven hours ride west of Oslo. They very kindly covered all my expenses including air fare and a loan bike. During the four-day rally, I preached six times and had many wonderful opportunities to get alongside members and pray for them. As well as giving out, I receive so many blessings at this event, I’m so grateful to the leadership of HR who have become close friends.

6th-9th July – National Rally at Quinta Christian Centre. It was a wonderful weekend; I just wish all members would make it a priority in their diaries.

18th-28th July – Sandy and I took some leave to take a ten-day Holy Land Tour in Israel to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We went with a group from Andy and Naomi’s church in Northallerton plus fifteen friends from a church in Texas. This was a memorable trip, worth every minute.

30th July – 9th August – I attended the European Motorcyclists For Christ Rally in southern Norway, I rode with other members from the UK. It was an excellent event and well organised by the Disciples MM in Norway. I had the chance to get alongside many European friends and encourage leaders of CMA countries and other Christian clubs.

24th-27th August – I supported the Scottish Branch at Thunder in the Glens at Aviemore. The branch members did a great job as always, and we had numerous opportunities to get alongside bikers who came to Holy Joes on the campsite.

31st August – 3rd September – I headed up the Holy Joes Team at Stormin the Castle Rally in County Durham. Tyne and Wear Branch have taken on responsibility for this rally and did a brilliant job.

7th September – Lunch meeting with Bob and Dawn at service area on the M6. I was grateful for the time we spent together.

13th-16th September – I supported Crispin (Suffolk Branch) at his graduation ceremony on completing his study course at LL Ministries. Following that I took some time aside in Newbury for admin, then attended a debrief of the Norway EMC near Oxford before returning home.

25th September – I rode to Birmingham Hospital to visit Stewart and Alexandra, following Stewarts serious road accident. It was good to spend time with them and pray for his healing.

7th October – I joined the Ride To The Wall at the National Memorial Arboretum with other members of CMA, a great opportunity to get alongside 10-15,000 bikers, many of whom were in the armed forces as they remember comrades who died in conflict.

7th October – I joined the Ride To The Wall at the National Memorial Arboretum with other members of CMA, a great opportunity to get alongside 10-15,000 bikers, many of whom were in the armed forces as they remember comrades who died in conflict.

14th October – I was invited to Chair the North Wales Branch AGM in Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Mold, there was a great turnout, including members from North Cheshire. Lunch, tea, and coffee were provided by Dawn and Stephen. Charcoal John stood down from his role as Branch Secretary, we all acknowledged the commitment John has shown over many years. He will continue as a member. The future looks well for the branch, they have some potential new members. The ride there was very cold, the ride home was initially heavy rain, but I still had a big smile on my face.

On Monday 23rd October, I attended the funeral of Steve Payne, a loyal member of East midlands Branch. There was a good turnout of members on bikes, after meeting at McDonalds we met up with Steve’s wife, Elaine at their family home to ride behind the hearse to the Crematorium. There were many emotional tributes to Steve, from his friends, work colleagues and family. He will be greatly missed.

I have received an invitation to preach at the 2024 EMC Rally in Germany. It’s a great privilege. I understand that several CMA UK members are looking at making the trip.

On the 27th of October I became 66yrs old. I can’t possibly be that old, can I?

I feel much younger, but I put that down to walking with Jesus and riding motorcycles!

The best age-related quote I know is:

“I don’t let my age define me, but the side-effects are getting harder to ignore.” HOW TRUE!!!

Author unknown.

The rest of my time has been keeping in contact with members via social media, WhatsApp, and email. Some days in my office at home, I just support members on WhatsApp.

God Bless you,