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Mike has been able to travel a bit

Mike has been able to travel a bit

Mike’s Travels 23rd June 2020

The past month has seen a lot of changes especially the numbers of infections and deaths dropping, but this will only continue if we all abide by the government guidelines of social distancing.

I have been in regular contact with branches through Zoom conferences, it has been a great blessing to see everyone, and in some cases meet new members. Obviously, we would much prefer to be meeting face to face but this method has helped us through a difficult period. I plan to make use of it after Covid 19 to connect with branches on a regular basis, I just don’t have enough time to visit all branches individually. I shall continue to make Regional Meetings a priority but due to diary commitments I struggle to make them all in a year.

I continue to keep in contact with branches and regions via WhatsApp groups, it’s interesting to receive 200-300 messages a day. I appreciate the instant updates of branch news particularly for those who ask for prayer.

I regularly meet up with the CMA European Leaders and Holly from the USA International Office on Zoom, we share ideas about encouraging our members during Covid 19. Some countries have been hit much harder than others, their testimonies of God’s Grace are inspiring. In Bulgaria churches have reopened but have to social distance those who attend; in one church they had 100 inside and 300 congregating outside. Albania has opened its borders to all surrounding countries, Julian (CMA President) said that in small towns and villages lockdown isn’t observed and neither is social distancing, scary! Their number of deaths has been very small.

Sadly, CMA Belgium have decided to leave CMA International and formed a new Christian club called 'Christian Motorcyclists Friends’ this is a link to their Facebook page. We maintain a good relationship with them, I shall continue to offer support and they intend to come to our National Rally as usual.

I gave training via Zoom to the Devon and Cornwall Branch which was a great success.

I join the Thames Valley Branch Prayer Group 2-3 mornings a week where possible, it is a great encouragement to meet together and see God move answering prayer.

I joined the Northern Ireland Branch on Zoom, which was inevitably hilarious, they are a great bunch and during Covid have been joining CMA Ireland in some of their fellowship Zoom meetings too. Jerry the President of CMA Ireland ask permission to invite them which I was more than happy to give.

I was invited to join CMA Portugal via Zoom with all their members and share a Word of encouragement, it went very well indeed, I felt honoured to be asked. Thankfully I didn’t need a crash course in Portuguese as David’s (President CMA Portugal) wife Claudia is fluent in English.

I continue to be notified of further events/shows and rallies being cancelled, this includes the Spring Harvest Bikers Week at Le Pas Opton in France, Sandy and I had been invited to speak again in September. I think the only rally that is outstanding is The Farmyard Rally, which was postponed until September, but I think it is unlikely to take place. I am in regular contact with MAG and await their confirmation one way or the other.

Sadly, we have some members going through tough times due to ill health and bereavement, our hearts go out to them for healing and comfort.

I continue to increase my fitness by regular cycling and walking.

It has been good to get out on the bike again (the one with a 1200cc engine), the smile is as big as ever.

God Bless you all.


National Chairman CMA UK