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Mike's NOT Travelling May 2020

Mike's NOT Travelling May 2020

Mike’s Travels May 2020

(Maybe this should be called ‘Mike’s NOT Travelling!)

Since the lockdown, I have been in contact with all branches to ascertain if they use WhatsApp and have changed their branch meetings to the Zoom format. There are only three that do not use Zoom, one of them uses Facebook Messenger and the others haven’t tried anything because their members are not IT users. Some of those branches don’t use WhatsApp either.

I have been involved in conference calls with most branches now, taking part in two branch AGM’s, updating everyone about national issues, sharing Words of encouragement and praying for those in need of God’s intervention. I have received a very warm welcome. I am in the process of arranging the next phase of calls in my diary. I anticipate connecting with all branches once a month from now on, unless anything urgent requires my attention.

WhatsApp takes up at least one and a half hours of each day. I receive in the region of 200-300 messages per day, I read them all but only have time to answer the most important, I try to send round encouraging verses every 2-3 days. This has really helped me to keep in regular contact with everyone and to be aware of those who are facing struggles or need prayer. I like to add a few items of fun and contribute to the fellowship of each branch. I shall keep this going after Covid has passed.

On the 25th April I shared some Evangelism training with MESS branch via a conference call, we had a very positive time. I look forward to joining them for their branch meeting soon.

Sadly, the EMC Rally in Sweden has officially been cancelled. We will now begin preparations for the EMC in Norway 2021.

Sandy and I are still booked to speak at Le Pas Opton Spring Harvest France in September, I think it very unlikely, the new manager is keeping us in the loop as they consider what will happen. They are hopeful that LPO might be open from late July to incorporate the main intake of guests in August (1000 on site each week). I’m still not convinced that will be possible but let’s see how it works out.

As usual I am in contact with the all the CMA International Leaders (worldwide) sharing encouragement, we are having a CMA European Leaders Zoom conference in early June.

I have written my annual article for the CMA USA magazine (Heartbeat).

It is proving difficult to add events to my empty diary, but as things develop you never know!!!

I am endeavouring to increase my fitness although I think I may have slightly over done it. As you know I had my hernia operation nine weeks ago and thought I could start jogging again to replace our regular swimming sessions. Many years ago, I ran 40+ miles a week but I set my sights lower, to 2 miles a day, I was doing well but now it appears I have pulled a muscle in my back so I can only cycle at the moment. I think it’s the usual problem of my mind saying I’m mid-forties, but my body likes to remind me that I’m not.