Christian Motorcycling Association

12th March – 15th April 2020

12th March – 15th April 2020

Mike’s Travels

12th March – 15th April 2020

13th-15th March I led the Northern Regional Day which incorporates the Carlisle / Isle of Man and Forth and Tay branches. The following morning, we had a CMA focused service at Carlisle Christian Fellowship where I was invited to share a challenging Word. It was a very productive weekend, my thanks to Carlisle branch for organising everything and Colin for his catering! We are booked for the 13th March 2021.

On Saturday 21st March I went into hospital for a hernia operation, it originated back in August and had caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. I was one of the last to have surgery that day after which the Covid 19 lockdown meant that all operations were cancelled. I was signed off for three weeks on sick leave with strict instructions to do very little and not to lift anything …… not easy for me at all!

I managed to keep up with most emails, but pain medication made concentration difficult. I officially returned to my desk on Tuesday 14th April.

It feels so strange having had a busy diary that has since been systematically deleted by world events.

I’m now contacting branches to add me to their zoom conference meetings, extra Whatsapp groups to bring some encouragement in the days ahead. (I’m already linked with many of the Regional ones already)

MESS branch have invited me to give Evangelism training via a conference call on the 25th April.

I was due to attend the CMA International Leaders Conference in the USA between 26th-30th October 2020 this has been cancelled.

The EMC Rally in Sweden is still being considered for August, I understand Sweden haven’t close their schools, restaurants or bars. I would be very surprised if it goes ahead and how many people would be willing to travel across Europe to attend.

Sandy and I are booked to speak at Le Pas Opton Spring Harvest France in September, I think it very unlikely, the new manager is keeping us in the loop as they consider what will happen.

As usual I am in contact with the all the CMA International Leaders sharing encouragement.