Christian Motorcycling Association

17th October - 30th November 2019

17th October - 30th November 2019

I’m delighted to say that the CMA UK Promotional DVD is complete – I have been working on this with Tim farmer from Our Daily Bread, I copied the file on a 2GB memory stick and sent a copy to all branches for use in promotional stands and church visits. I have received some very encouraging responses. I requested branches to provide me with HD video clips from their events to enable us to update the DVD every couple of years.

19th October I rode down to Burgess Hill in Sussex to preach at a CMA related service on Sunday morning at Gateway Baptist Church. The Sussex branch use the church for one of their monthly meetings. I was pleased to see members from the following branches: Sussex, Thames Valley, HAND, and Hampshire and Surrey Borders, there were approximately 20 members present and Sarge and Gaynor came too. Following the service I rode home 300 miles, the last three hours were in heavy rain with strong winds but I listened to sermons and worship on my headphones. I stopped at Blythe services to change my visor from tinted to clear and met two Christian friends I’ve known since 1980 driving north, we shared 15 mins of fellowship which fired me up for the last stage - a true God appointment. I arrived home at 8pm thankful and feeling blessed.

On Sunday 3rd November I attended the CMA UK Ladies Conference at Swanwick to preach at their final meeting – I brought a Word based on what happened when the Woman at the well, left the well. I received a very positive response. Sandy had problems with her back so on the Friday I transported the conference gear (it filled the Berlingo to the roof!) to the venue then travelled back on Sunday to bring it back.

On Friday 8th November I joined the EMC Review Meeting at Lenchwood with Les via Go To Meeting, I had planned to be there in person but Sandy was ill and needed my support. The meeting was very positive and plans are in place for 2020.

Early Saturday 9th November (thankfully I wasn’t travelling by bike because the day began with a hard freeze on the moors) I drove down to Flitwick Baptist Church near Luton for the wedding of Dave and Alyson Thornton, Dave has been a member of Bedford Branch for years. I had been invited to contribute to the service and was warmly welcomed by the Pastor Bob; there were six members from CMA.

That afternoon I drove north to stay with Gary and Pauline from the NE Branch, I was preaching at their church (Boston Spa Elim) on Sunday morning. The service went incredibly well - a large number of people respond positively to the challenge, praise the Lord.

On Saturday 16th November I organised a coach trip to the NEC Bike Show taking 48 local ’Not Yet Christian Bikers’ the rest were CMA Members from the NE and T&W branches. It was a very successful day and provided opportunity to get alongside local bikers. Three guys requested a Biker Bible.

On 24th November I had the privilege of preaching at the baptism of Blake the 14yr old who gave his life to Christ at the EMC, (he and his Mum Fiona attend the NE Branch). I asked CMA UK branches and the EMC clubs to send cards to encourage him. I was grateful for one that was sent by John Jr. and Holly OGDEN from the CMA International Office in Arkansas. Fiona told me they sat reading through them all after the service.

Looking ahead to Christmas, branches tend not to invite me to their meetings in the last two weeks leading up to Christmas Day so I am taking the opportunity to visit seven local primary schools around Whitby and share the Christmas message, I hope you approve. I shan’t be able to travel by bike due to the usual wintery weather in the north but I shall be dressed as a roman centurion. J

27th November I attended the funeral of Bob HUGHES-BURTON’ father at Leeds, it was a privilege to support Bob, Dawn and the family.

28th November I was invited to speak again at the lunch club at Stockton Baptist Church; they have an average of 80-100 attend - many have a motorcycling background. One man in his 90’s is still passionate about bikes.

My remit is ‘Preach the Gospel’… so I do.