South East London

The South East London branch covers Every thing South East within the M25

meeting at Holiday inn, Tower bridge road.
And branching out into South East London.We are looking to build the branch for the glory of God.

If you would like more details please contact me via email, thank's

We as a branch work closley with the North East London branch so if you see no events listed here please check their page for events.

Branch members at the Ace Cafe


SE London Branch


For further information contact:
Stephne ( on 078 4949 3636


We have a gallery of pictures of South East London branch activities.


Ace Cafe London
The ace cafe were the Rev Bill Shergold went to found the 59 club in the mid 1960 from the Rockers that rode there on there Triumphs Norton & BSAs we are in regular contact with them
Bikers forChrist
This is a good link for borthers and sisters who are in the same ministry as we are.

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