Hampshire and Dorset

We cover Dorset, Hampshire, South Wiltshire amd the Isle of Wight. We are regularly meeting at Poole Quay at the 'Bike Night' on Tuesday evenings during the summer. Keep an eye on the events page to find out when and where our next meeting or event is. We welcome everyone at all of our meetings and events. Just turn up or call ahead; the choice is yours.

Here is a list of some Biker Friendly churches in the HAND region. See the links below to their websites:

Bransgore Community Church.

Centrepoint Elim Church, Bournemouth.

Springbourne Christian Centre, Bournemouth.

Tuckton Christian Centre, Tuckton.

Waters Edge Elim Church, Poole.

Wessex Christian Centre, Bournemouth.

Winchester Vinyard Church, Bar End, Winchester

CMA UK National Rally Evesham July 2014 - 1


CMA UK National Rally Evesham July 2014 -1


For further information contact:
Ted (hand@bike.org.uk) on 07779 729983


We have a gallery of pictures of Hampshire and Dorset branch activities.


Bransgore Community Church, Bransgore:
Biker friendly and lively in the New Forest.
Centrepoint Elim Church, Bournemouth:
Biker friendly and lively.
Springbourne Christian Centre, Bournemouth
Biker friendly and lively
Tuckton Christian Centre, Tuckton
Biker friendly and lively near Christchurch
Waters Edge Elim Church, Poole
Biker friendly and lively.
Wessex Christian Centre, Bournemouth
Biker friendly and lively.
Winchester Vinyard Church, Bar End, Winchester
Biker Friendly and lively


We have a list of Hampshire and Dorset activities.


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